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Environmental Policy Statement



Aden Contracting Ltd will pursue aimed at minimising environmental damage and maximising opportunities for environmental improvement.

In all of our activities we shall consider environmental impact at the planning stage. We shall maintain good standards of pollution control, conservation of energy and natural resources and the preservation and enhancement of natural habitats.

To implement this policy the company will ensure its site management and supervisors are aware of the environmental implications of activities within their own areas of responsibility, where necessary additional training may be required to heighten awareness of the relevant issues.

On individual contracts, we shall endeavour to obtain the best advice from our clients, concerning environmental aspects of the contract. In many cases our client (the Principle Contractor) will already be implementing ISO14001 systems; we would actively support and implement those systems as instructed.

During the execution of our works we will manage and organise the works in a manner which will reduce, so far is reasonably practicable, environmental damage caused by:-

  • Noise, Dust etc
  • Mud on Highways, and footpaths etc
  • Effluent/waste arising from the works
  • Storage and use of Mineral Oils, Fuels, Paints etc.

In simple terms we aim to Reduce waste, Re-use materials where possible and Recycle. In many cases we will offer alternatives to Client specifications if we feel the 3 R’s is not being fully utilised.

We will also take effective precautions to protect adjacent land, buildings and the general public from any danger, discomfort or nuisance.

In pursuance of this policy, environmental considerations will be taken into account in the selection of materials, which be from wherever reasonably practicable sustainable sources.

All waste materials will be disposed of appropriately, all waste removal or transfer will be licensed haulier to properly managed and licensed tips. Copies of the relevant certification will be obtained for each contract.

All members of the company’s management and supervisors will be made aware of this policy and the Environmental Management Plan.

This statement is endorsed by the Company’s Directors, who take responsibility for it’s execution and share responsibility for the implementation of this policy.

Denis Curtis
Aden Contracting Ltd

10th January 2022