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Environmental Policy Statement

The objective of Aden Contracting Ltd is to run its operations avoiding unnecessary or unacceptable effects on the environment. Any effects will be minimised as far as practicable. Environmental considerations will be given equal importance to the more traditional business issues such as production, research, sales, safety and finance.

The Company will work towards achieving its environmental objectives by:

  • Minimising the impact of all its operations on the local and global environment and the quality of life of the local communities in which the Company operates.
  • Meeting all relevant statutory regulations.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of premises to the highest practical standards.
  • Aiming for efficient use of all resources used in its operations and by reduction of waste through process improvements. Recycling of material is continued wherever feasible and further positive steps are taken to conserve resources, particularly those that are scarce or non-renewable.
  • Fully considering, in advance where possible, the environmental effects of any significant new development and adjust the Company's plans accordingly.
  • Providing customers with the information necessary to enable our products to be properly used, stored and disposed of so as to avoid unacceptable effects on the environment.
  • Working with suppliers to ensure that the products and the services they supply are environmentally acceptable.
  • Providing the necessary information to enable Employees to operate the processes properly and with minimal effects on the environment.

Creation of an effective organisation is dependant upon the commitment and involvement of all employees.

This statement is endorsed by the Company’s Directors, who take responsibility for it’s execution and share responsibility for the implementation of this policy.  

Denis Curtis
Aden Contracting Ltd

1 January 2008